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I am seeking a forex system which should be very simple and works very good. Anybody have this kind of system?

over 2 years ago

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I have spent more then 9000 USD on different type of Forex education:
Books, Systems, Signals, Strategies, One on one tutorials.

Some of them give you returns, however they take all your time and are very unstable. You can make profit for month and then on one trade loose all your gains if not all your deposit.

It took some time, effort and money until I found the perfect strategy for me.
What really helped me in searching for strategy was knowing what exactly i want.

First I decided on following things:
1. How much time you can spend trading - 30 min to 1 hour a day;
2. How many trades you are willing to take a day - one trade a day;
3. What is your desirable return on investment - 15% to 20%;
4. How much depends on you in making trade decision - little bit of fundamental analyses;
5. Profitable trade proportion - 90%;
6. Maximum loss per trade - 3% to 4%;
7. How much you are willing to pay for strategy - 2000$ to 3000$.

By knowing what exactly I am looking for, I was able to find the right strategy for me.
Make your own list and good luck.

Hope it helps!

over 2 years ago



I've coded a few of my own systems, the best of which is Brilliant Charts. You can read about the features and see some video examples on my website:

Good luck!

about 1 year ago

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Is that not ultimately what every trader is looking for? The problem with seeking a ready made system from someone else, that is charging you for the privillage, is that you are having to install a lot of trust in what is essentially a stranger. Not only trust, but also your money.
Many traders share there systems and approaches for free in the various forums around the net. If you try out a system and practice on a free demo account then you can at least see if its right for you before investing any money. The best way, and indeed the only way takes a great deal of education and learning and to succeed, there is no real way of avoiding this

about 1 year ago

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A very easy system that works well. That sounds like the holy grail. You might need to broaden your search a little. For example a system that works well and can be learnt with a reasonable amount of time and effort.

For a system where you can learn to trade yourself. Trade manually or auto trade using a trend following system that holds on to its winning trades and cuts its losses short quickly. It utilizes incredible money management and trade management. I recommend visiting

If you are looking for a system that works well and to simple profit using a trade copier I recommend visiting

4 months ago

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I suggest you to take a look at ProFx 2.0 semi-automated system from Forexeasystems. It gives you signals to follow. And you decide by yourself whether follow the signal and open (close) the trade or not.

over 2 years ago


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